How to make your past a strength to find inner peace?

How to make your past a strength to find inner peace?

The past life is quite difficult to forget and leave behind. Memories of the past can haunt the mind again and again and may change your mood at any time. Some past memories may make us happy and retrieve smile on our face; however, sometimes these may bring us down and bring tears to the eyes, or may lurk anger into the heart.

On the other hand, negative self-accusation sentences may echo in the mind again and again, leaving your soul at a state of inner bustle. So, how to make your past a strength to attain mind tranquility?

Pray for the toxic people

Set yourself free from the disastrous effects of holding grudges and forgive those who have harmed your feelings. By forgiving them, you have made the challenge to take a giant step into transcendence above your natural human quality. Forgiveness is so difficult unless you are humble enough to do so.

It is all a matter of meekness and tolerance, even if it seems so detrimental. Take the courage to pray for those who have caused negativity unto you because of their misdeed and forgive them. Forgiving and praying for your rivals and antagonists can transform you into an emotionally and spiritually fulfilled individual.

Accept your imperfections

If you used to be a perfectionist, who hardly took some time off on weekends, in order to make the most of your time and achieve excellence, it is advisable to slow down a little and accept the possible limitations.

As a matter of fact, the idea of nitpicking is the main inducer of chronic stress and burnout. Life on earth cannot be perfect and we still have tomorrow to improve what we have done the other day. Learn that there are some good points and bad sides in everything. By accepting our human nature which is inseparable from defects, it is possible to achieve inner peace.

Learn to share your responsibilities

It is stressful that despite our efforts to do good to humanity, constant criticism usually arises from our surroundings who are merely observing our acts. 

  • From now on, delegate people to carry out some shares of your duties. 
  • Let them understand how bad it feels to be criticized. Our inner tranquility is often tarnished by our neighbor's attitudes. 
  • Accept the situation and stop feeling miserable if someone ignored or rejected or criticized you. By sharing your duties to them, you have the strength to deny them permission to hurt your feeling again.
  • They will also learn to be more careful and will stop criticizing the others. They will learn to respect you for fear that you may take back the share of duties from them again sooner or later.

Learn to be mindful of everything

The worst thing in life is to let other people decide for you in all circumstances. This is terrible because some people really manipulate you and play on your feelings if you usually trust on the others to decide and act for you. This applies to choice of spouse, choice of carriers, work opportunities, and maybe also budget management. Failing to stand firm on your potential and inner strengths, your inner tranquility will flee from you, and there will never be any satisfaction in life.

Learn from such errors and empower yourself with the most reliable tool to manage everything appropriately. Mindfulness meditation can promote physical and psychological benefits. Not only does it reduce stress and induce understanding; but it can also help build mental strength and attain inner peace.

For example, Prem Rawat, who is a peace mediator, shares his messages of peace to promote peace. He said that inner peace can be found in each individual. He is the creator of The Prem Rawat Foundation, TPRF, who gives peace education to prisoners through electronic tablets.