How can you stay calm when you have children?

How can you stay calm when you have children?

Children are God's gifts to parents; parents who have children feel blessed and happy. However, there are many challenges for being parents. That can make parenting perplexing and frustrating at times, so that it is easy to lose temper.

And if you have more than one child, the struggle seems to be endless and it is hard to stay calm despite knowing that tranquility is within us, as the ambassador of peace Prem Rawat said on his website How to stay calm when you have children? Read and take a closer look at the following practical hints.

Get up before everyone else

To stay calm during the day, it is advisable to wake up an hour or at least half an hour before the rest of the family in order to get your mind ready for the day. 

  • This is the time for morning prayer which is to be followed by mindfulness meditation, during which you gather your thoughts. 
  • By getting up earlier, it is possible to think clearly about your plan for the day without being interrupted by the noise of the children. 
  • Sometimes, the children may get up earlier and interrupt the session; in this case, it is a good idea to ask them to join and train them to pray and meditate with you; otherwise, just have them get back to sleep for a while. 
  • Early prayer and meditation will give you an opportunity to stay calm during the day.

Be mindful about the children's needs

Instead of panicking over misbehaving children, it is prudent to take some time for yourself and meditate. Keep your inner tranquility by practicing mindfulness meditation and control your breathing as well as your emotions. Avoid thinking that the children talk back to their parents or refuse to do the chores in order to challenge parental authority. Cultivating negative thoughts ruin the relationship and will make the matter worse.

Mindfulness meditation consists of focusing your attention on the children's character defects and then with a belief in God's intervention, hope that things will get better. This kind of meditation will impart you with some ideas on how to deal with the situation appropriately and calmly, especially when dealing with teenagers.

Avoid criticizing and nagging

Some parents are unable to control their emotions and burst into anger when they are faced with their children's misbehavior. To avoid becoming a nag, it is crucial to lean to pause between your sentences when you are under such circumstance. Criticizing and nagging will cause the blood pressure to raise and may lead to sudden heart failure.

As a parent, your role is to nurture good values with patience into the children. Keep in mind that you are to support them especially in the most difficult years of their lives. If you address their weaknesses and frustration through tough words and criticism, children will become more irritated and difficult to manage. In such a situation, it is a good idea to transcend above yourself and provide gentle leadership and guidance. Fix the problem without further conflicts.

Observe before acting

When children are at a row with each other, parents are likely to get emotionally involved in their conflicts. The worst thing is, they do actively participate in their fights while taking sides. Indeed, it is sad to see the children entangled in disputes. It is crucial that parents intervene and settle the dispute. Unless you are pacific, though, it won't be possible to manage the conflicts calmly. To stay unruffled, it is a good idea to observe carefully and understand what is happening.

Then, to analyze the courses of action to be taken so as not to offend any part before proposing any solution. The peace mediator Prem Rawat talks about how to gather your inner strengths to perfectly deal with such a situation. His teachings about how to attain inner peace are based on a meditation called "Knowledge".